WordPress Domain Backup and Restore

WordPress Domain Backup and Restore

The task of domain Backup is very helpful. You should repeat this task every fortnight to keep your work safe and to avoid from any mishap. Here you will learn about how to backup a domain and its database to save your working domain. And to restore it if any problem occur to the domain like virus attack or problem in hosting to validate the database etc. …

Here is the process step-by-step for easy performance.

Take a Backup

  • Go to the File Manager of Hosting Cpanel
  • Select the folder of domain and compress it in .gz format
  • Download the compressed folder
  • Now you have got the backup of your domain data and ready to backup the database
  • Edit the wp-config.php in domain folder – file manager and check its database name
  • Now goto backup and download that database
  • Now you have taken the backup of your domain and database
  • in the same way get backup of mail folder if you want to take backup of email record also.

Restore Backup

  • Goto the hosting Cpannel and assign domain as addon or Primary domain
  • Upload the backup file (.gz) and extract it
  • Go to MySQL database and create new database
  • Create new user and Add User to database – Assign Full permissions
  • Goto Phpmyadmin
  • Select database name and import backup
  • Goto File Manager -> wp-config.php and edit
  • Set new Database name and Password as you created and save
  • Now view your new site
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